Why Date Night?

Why Date Night?

A healthy marriage often requires effort and consistent commitment from both spouses. It is especially important for married couples with young families to prioritise and plan for one-on-one time that is fun and meaningful. Date night is one of the best ways to strengthen a marriage. There are many benefits to regular date nights, including opportunities to deepen the connection and having fun together that will help you grow together in love.

The Benefits of Date Night to the Marriage

It's interesting to discover that research has been done into date nights in marriage. Multiple research projects, including "The Date Night Opportunity" by The Marriage Project and Wheatley Institute* and "Date Nights Strengthen Marriages" by The Marriage Foundation, have come to the same conclusion. It's no surprise that their findings included evidence that date nights make marriage better. What might be surprising, though, is that they found that dating once a month was all it took to reap maximum benefit for your family. There are plenty of benefits to committing to a monthly date night for your marriage:

  • Boost your connection by spending quality time together without distractions
  • Increase positive interactions in your relationship
  • Engage in activities with shared meaning that reflect your values and interests as a couple
  • Rekindle the romance by remembering why you fell in love and keeping things fresh and exciting
  • Relax and de-stress by taking a break from the responsibilities and challenges of everyday life
  • Improve your communication by talking about your relationship and checking in with each other
  • Strengthen your commitment by showing that you prioritize and value each other
  • Set an example for your children or others of what a healthy, happy relationship looks like
  • In times of stress and hardship, space is created to support each other

It's hard to have a quality relationship when no time is specifically invested into that relationship. We all understand that life has its stressors and pressures. When children are added to the mix, it's a constant demand on both partners. Good news is that date night doesn't have to be expensive financially or in time. A small amount of planning and thought can lead to an incredible connection, even if time is limited.

Date Night Planning:

Ahhh, the sweet joy of date night!

With little ones running around the house, it’s hard to find that special moment in time to enjoy a romantic evening with your partner. But, with proper planning and organisation, there’s no reason why date night can’t be just as special as it has always was. 

Here's how to ensure a happy and successful night:

  • First, choose the perfect night! Take into consideration work, kids activities and school runs, and arrange your date night accordingly. Don’t forget to check the calendar to avoid something upsetting that special someone.
  • Now it’s time to organise a sitter. Yes, this is a must! Having a reliable babysitter will make your date night stress-free and way more enjoyable.
  • Now, the fun part…Invite your significant other! How about a romantic text, a hand-written note or a classic bouquet of flowers? This is your opportunity to get creative and to get them excited for the night ahead.
  • Next, organise your outfits. It’s time to dress up and leave the tracksuits in the drawer. Ladies, get out the trusty LBD, or that gorgeous outfit you bought that you never get to wear, dust off the heels and brighten up with some cute accessories. Gentlemen, how about a well-fitting shirt and a smart pair of jeans – or if you’re feeling adventurous, go for the classic suit and tie!
  • For transport, it may be worth washing the car for a little added sparkle. It’s those little touches that count!
  • And last, but not least, don’t forget to buy a small gift for your special someone. Even if it's just a card. A thoughtful gift shows how much time and effort you're willing to put into the night.

Now, relax…It's date night! Enjoy each other’s company and all the best moments. And be sure to practice all your best wooing lines!

Planning Your Date Nights

Planning for date night can be both exciting and, at times, a difficult and overwhelming task. To make it easier for couples to create a habit of date night, we have provided an extensive list of 200 potential Date Night activities and, if you really get stuck. Fear not! We have an emergency date night planning game to help you out. We have also included in your date night kit, a whiteboard for the fridge to setup your next date night and some cards to record your memories and perhaps prompt some deeper conversation.

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