Gracify Coffee - An ethical choice

At Gracify we work hard to ensure all our products are sourced in an ethical, transparent and sustainable manner.

At Gracify we do not just see a bag of coffee. This is a source of income for Jose Don Nolasco’s family in Peru. Jose and his wife Diana work the land with their family, including their elderly parents.

This is food, income and hope for the coffee farmers and their community.

This is a way for disadvantaged communities to earn a living.

This is how generous people like you can improve lives, respect people and save the environment.

Buying this coffee means supporting all the families that work to grow the beans, dry them out and ferment them. 

By supporting Ethical coffee trade, you helped invest in a sustainable future, not only for Jose and his family but for every family in the coffee business.

The life of every coffee bean starts as a seed inside the coffee cherry.

The outer layer of the fruit is a thick skin with a flashy, pulp layer underneath, and then the mucilage layer which provides much of the coffee’s sweetness. Under this is a papery layer called parchment.

The removal of these layers and drying process is what we call coffee processing.

Gracify’s coffee supplier is registered with the Rainforest Alliance (Registration ID RA37789) to support the efforts towards environmental, social and economic sustainability.

These efforts include actions to curb deforestation, protect wildlife, manage waste and reduce use of agrochemicals on the path to coffee farm certification.