One Month Worth of Groceries

At Gracify, we believe in the power of kindness and compassion. Our mission is to create moments of Gracification – where we shower individuals with value, honor, and support to make their lives truly better. We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with Christian radio to spread even more positivity!

(Life FM - Adelaide, 1Way FM, Riverland Life FM, Rhema Wide Bay, 92.9 VoiceFM, Rhema 99.9, Darwin's 97 Seven)

Through the unwavering support of station donors and dedicated supporters, we're thrilled to present a heartwarming opportunity. We're giving away an entire month's worth of groceries to a family that truly deserves it. But here's where you come in – we need your help to identify the most deserving family for this incredible gift.

Why Nominate?

Life can sometimes present challenges that are difficult to overcome alone. At Gracify, we believe in lifting each other up and providing a helping hand when it's needed most. This initiative is all about recognizing families who could use a little extra support to make ends meet and a dose of encouragement to brighten their days.

Nominate a Worthy Person

Gracify will be giving away one months worth of groceries and you can nominate someone to be considered to receive that gift.

Nomination Permissions

Join Us in Spreading Gracification:

By nominating a family for this special gift, you're joining the Gracify community in creating a ripple effect of kindness and positivity. Let's come together to make someone's day brighter and their burdens a little lighter.

Nominate someone today and be a part of our journey to bring smiles, support, and sustenance to those who need it most.