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Becoming Susan + Journal

Becoming Susan + Journal

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You know that feeling when you’re on a road trip to somewhere you really love?  You set out and it’s so exciting, the music’s up high, the laughs are frequent, and it’s just a joyous experience of anticipation.

I’m a radio show host and I have a loving husband and three amazing sons, and yet, for me, the last few years, have looked more like that road trip about five hours in; now, the songs are annoying, the laughs are hard to come by, and in place of anticipation, there is the never-ending question of, ‘Are we there yet?’  

If you feel like your excitement, joy, and anticipation of life are lost somewhere in your family, work, or community, you’re not alone.  You’re also not done yet. 

This story is about finding our way back to the person we want to be. So, let’s have a laugh, share some stories, and scream together: ‘Are we there yet?!’ on the road trip to becoming us.

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