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Relax In The Bath

Relax In The Bath

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Make time stand still in a rejuvenating bath or shower with Rose Garden Bath Blend tea bags. A simple and divine aromatic treat for the senses; mind, body and soul. Make the moment last with a delicious cup of your favorite drink. You deserve it.


Items included: Rose Garden Bath Blend, Mango Smiles Candy, IMPERUVE Coffee Tube, Zeetea Tube, Drinking Chocolate Tube, 5 x Affirmation cards of your choice and  2 x confectionary tubes.


Affirmation Cards

The Gracify affirmation cards are a way to express value and honour with the ultimate gift of meaning. You can specifically choose five affirmations for the recipient to highlight the character, skills and gifts they bring in their every day life. Choose from 33 different affirmations delivered on a wonderfully silky and textured super card.

This is a special way to say thankyou for all they do, for who they are and for what they bring.



A pampering tea soak using the highest quality Himalayan pink salts, pink clay, Epsom salt and infused with a luxurious blend of nourishing goats milk, floral essential oils and black tea. The oats and rose botanicals allow the tea bag contents to be used as an exfoliant for glowing skin. No artificial colours. No synthetic fragrances or ingredients. Not tested on Animals.



FINCA NOLASCO, BOSQUES VERDES ORIGIN PROJECT, SAN IGNACIO, PERU: Raised in biodiverse environments, Harvested by fairly paid 'pickers', Processed and milled at a local scale, Shipped Direct to Australia. IMPERUVE your day with a Gracify IMPERUVE coffee.


Arkadia drinking chocolate (28% cocoa) delivers a robust hot chocolate with an intense cocoa hit with hints of orange and dried fruit and a creamy, buttery finish. Ideal for a rich hot chocolate with a more complex flavour profile that won't disappoint.


A full bodied, robust blend, loose leaf tea with an invigorating blend of premium black teas. High in antioxidants.


Mango Smiles Candy

Handcrafted Rock Candy - Gluten free, dairy free, soy free and gelatine free.
Warning - may contain traces of nuts

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