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Family Valentines

Family Valentines

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This Valentines Day, make your family members feel loved and spend quality time together while also creating great memories.

Instead of dismissing the day as commercial, embrace it as a way to engage the whole family or group of friends to share meaningful words and share a meal. Embrace the concept of sharing love, communicate what you love about each other, and eat.

Celebrate the love of family with a Family Valentines gift box, full of thoughtful touches to make the day of love memorable for all. Along with chocolates, lollies and drinks to share, there are beautiful decorations to set the mood of appreciation.

We have provided the basic tools for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner setting to decorate the table and use the Games of Affirmation as a conversation starter, the rest is up to you.


Pack includes: 3 x Floating candles, 10 x Heart Chocolates, ImPERUve Coffee Tube, Zeetea Tube, Drinking Chocolate Tube, 2 x Confectionary Tubes, 5 x LOVE card holder, dried rose petals and 5 x Affirmation cards of your choice.

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