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Mini Magician

Mini Magician

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Gift the Mini Magician in your life this set of tricks with hot chocolate and candies to keep the magic going. Just don't be too surprised when they WOW you!

Contains: Magic rabbit card tricks pack, Drinking Chocolate Tube; 5 x Affirmation cards;  2 x confectionary tubes and Mango Smiles Candy.


Magic rabbit card tricks

Contains over 25 card tricks. A standard 52 card deck with a detail instruction book of easy to learn tricks; Includes 2 special Trick cards that let you perform special, unanticipated tricks that will mystify and AMAZE For aspiring magicians ages 6+



Arkadia drinking chocolate (28% cocoa) delivers a robust hot chocolate with an intense cocoa hit with hints of orange and dried fruit and a creamy, buttery finish. Ideal for a rich hot chocolate with a more complex flavour profile that won't disappoint.



There are 33 affirmation cards that you can specifically choose from for the recipient to highlight the character, skills and gifts they bring in their every day life.

This is a special way to say thankyou for all they do, for who they are and for what they bring.


Mango Smiles Candy

Handcrafted Rock Candy - Gluten free, dairy free, soy free and gelatine free.
Warning - may contain traces of nuts

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